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Lacy's Lit

Happy Father’s Day

I’m thinking about the men in my family this Father’s Day Sunday. Some of the best memories of them involve cooking. Papa, my maternal grandfather, was easily one of the best cooks in the family. We spent so much quality time together in the garden, picking strawberries and green beans. I love watching him make his yeast rolls, cakes and pies.

My father loved to make stuffed pork chops or his version of an Egg McMuffin sandwich. He liked buying cooking gadgets and appliances. He would make juicy burgers with his Presto Burger maker and toasty grill cheese sandwiches on the waffle iron and grill.

My Uncle Moco would always make me what we called a Moco burger on his hibachi grill he kept on his back porch. That small charcoal grilled was a burger making machine. Uncle Moco would mix his mayonnaise and mustard together to slather on the toasted bun. That burger was layered with crisp Iceburg lettuce, a ripe tomatoes and onions.

For me, the actual meal and the memories were both gifts. I don’t think I understood then like I do now, how important those sweet and savory moments meant. I hope you and the men in your life are making memories today too.

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