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Lacy's Lit

Clear the Clutter

Okay it’s that time of year to get rid of unwanted items around the house. I plan on inviting guests over this holiday season. So it’s time to clear the clutter especially from the dining room. Some of the items that accumulate in my house are too many magazines, books, worn out shoes, and cute store bags. Unfortunately, they all seem to be stuck downstairs between the living room and kitchen.

Here’s my plan:

I’m taking clutter guru’s Peter Walsh’s suggestion. He advises going around the house and collecting all magazines. Go through the stack. You can only keep three back issues of any magazine. Throw the rest in the recycling bin.

Like magazines, books also seem to gather on the dining room table and other flat services in my house. Gather the newer books to sell to a used bookstore. The ones they don’t take are going to Goodwill or the Wellness Center that accepts donated books. The center allows patrons to take what they want to read. That’s a much better use for them.

Next, group all the decorative store bags in one area. I’m donating these to a fine craft gallery that loves receiving donated bags to use for customer purchases for their handcrafted glass and pottery.

Last but least, it’s time to sort through the shoes that populate around the foyer and front door. Okay I hate to admit this but sometimes it takes me a season to get rid of worn out sandals. But old sandals are going in the trash. I’ve also collected the other shoes – sneakers, slippers and brought them upstairs where they belong.
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