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Lacy's Lit

Friday Prep for Sunday Dinner

I have a busy weekend coming up, so I shopped for Sunday Dinner today at the state farmers market. I love seasonal produce especially straight from the men and women who grow it. So many great finds to choose from ranging from juicy peaches to crisp lettuces.

I saw bouquets of lettuces. They were so gorgeous, full heads with lots of color. Every type I could want in a salad: Boston, red leaf, green leaf and romaine.

Of course, I had to get a few tomatoes, just the basic ones are out now. The standard slicing tomatoes, nothing fancy yet. You have to wait until later in the season to get the cherished German Johnsons and Purple Cherokees.

I outdid myself with a small pickling cucumber, it was only .50 cents. You can never get them in the grocery store at that price. I’m thinking a big garden salad along with my Green Beans with Fingerling Potatoes, the recipe is featured in my cookbook Sunday Dinner.

For dessert, I’m going to make some type of fruit crisp with these yummy peaches. I was pleasantly surprised at the sweetness of the Rich May, a yellow-fleshed peach with some of the best flavor so early in the season.

So glad, my shopping is done for Sunday Dinner. Now I just have to prepare it. Bon Appétit.

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