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Lacy's Lit

The Taste of Friendship

My friend, Mary loves a spread. She uses it to elevate a piece of toast, to jack up a cheese or to enhance the flavor of a meat. You may find an interesting homemade pepper jelly in her kitchen, some type of bizarre relish, or a seasonal preserves just waiting to be smoothed on something.

So for her birthday, I gave her a jar of Tart Cherry and White Tea preserves made by Quince and Apple.

A day or so later, I get an email with the subject line reading: The Taste of Our Friendship with a picture. She slathered the tart cherries in a delicate jelly of jasmine flowers and white tea onto a piece of toast and served it with a link sausage.

The email read: Good morning! Can’t wait to taste it!

Do you have a friend, who could use a spread today? I love the simple joy that comes from a jar.

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