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By Bridgette A. Lacy

As a girl, I fell in love with Walton’s Mountain, that fictional place in the
foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains where every week on the popular
TV series, The Waltons, John-Boy found his writing voice. His stories were
fueled by the simple physical beauty of the mountain, and the wisdom and
love of his family, even as they struggled through the Great Depression.

When I came of age and blossomed into a writer, I longed for that kind
cohesive community, one in which my talent would be nurtured and my
spirit would soar no matter what the circumstances going on around me.
I’ve lived in many places—Binghamton, New York, Indianapolis, Indiana,
and Lynchburg, Virginia, and my hometown of Washington, DC.

My dream finally became real here in the City of Oaks, a place where
I had no immediate family. I quickly became a part of a community not
related by blood, but by the love of writing stories. They pulled me in
as one of them. Never questioned my ability, just accepted my word I was
a bona fide writer, not just a journalist.

From the essay: A Literary Place featured in "27 Views of Raleigh: The City of Oaks in Prose & Poetry." (fall, 2013)